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Friday Night and I'm home

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

      When I was younger and not as wise, I used to think that if I didn't have anywhere to go on friday night I was a loser. Then I got older and just always had "something to do" on friday night. Then I had kids and found myself not caring about any of that. Then I had kids and a business and started getting excited at the idea of working and creating new things for my business on friday night.

        I am a person who loves to work. I love to keep productive. I love many things going on at one time...I really get off on that. Lucky for you I have my most creative Skin Care ideas on Friday night. I think it's because I know I can stay up all night and there is never any work the next day (Saturday).

        That said, I have come up with 4 new products. Five if you are counting the Retinol cream that launches this week! Yep! THIS WEEK! I personally have never had any luck with retinol cream. It usually made my skin look embryonic and pasty. The retinol cream I came up with is SPECTACULAR! I called it ULTRA GLOW because your skin will literally GLOW the morning after you apply it. Did I mention it's a night cream? Well, it's a night cream!

         The other four products I created (on a friday night) are a Alpha Hydroxy cleanser and Alpha Hydroxy lotion. What is Alpha Hydroxy you ask? Here you go: "AHAs are a group of organic carboxylic compounds. AHAs most commonly used in cosmetic applications are typically derived from food products including glycolic acid (from sugar cane), lactic acid (from sour milk), malic acid (from apples), citric acid (from citrus fruits) and tartaric acid (from grape wine). For any topical compound to be effective, including AHA, it must penetrate into the skin where it can act on living cells. Bioavailability (influenced primarily by small molecular size) is an important factor in a compound's ability to penetrate the top layer of the skin.  AHA has the greatest bioavailability and penetrates the skin most easily; this largely accounts for the popularity of this product in cosmetic applications." So, you can see why I created these. I wanted to offer another effective wrinkle fighting cleanser and face cream. I haven't named them yet but they'll be out in February.

         My other 2 new products are a body wash and body lotion!! You were all asking for this the most so I created it for you! The body wash is a light citrus wash to use in the bath or shower everyday and the lotion is probably the BEST SMELLING LOTION you have ever used in your entire life. Seriously. You won't ever need perfume again. Of all the people I surveyed by using this body lotion, ZERO people disliked the smell. In fact, everyone wanted more and asked what the combonation was... i'll never tell. These 2 products will be out in March!

          I absolutely LOOOOOVE creating products for you. My products are organic, natural and non-toxic. They are free of chemical and dyes. They are better for your health (since your skin is your largest organ). They are better for you in general as you are making your skin look younger and more vibrant!

          Please give me your feedback. That's the only way we can succeed as a company. I work for you. Don't forget that. I want YOU to be happy. I want YOU to look beautiful!

          Oh, and by the way...don't ever feel like a loser for staying in on a Friday night again.

                                                          Love, Michelle


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