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Hello, from Michelle!

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

Hello, loves!

Let me first say that I am so excited that you have chosen to explore my page and check out what we're about! This is our very first blog post, and we are thrilled to have you here. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always mixing and making concoctions for home remedies. I would sit on our kitchen counter in an oversized apron, whisking eggs and mayonnaise together to put onto my hair to give it a natural shine. You can only imagine the messes I would make!

The little girl in me never disappeared, because I found myself then years later mixing and making concoctions again in my own house. I love being my own chemist, and sharing my wonderful creations with all of you! I diligently test each of my products on myself, family and friends for months before releasing them to my customers and cadets. 

I will give you all nothing but my completely honest self each and every day. Whether it be in a Facebook live, an Instagram post or a blog post. I will always be truthful to you all, because I value honesty and want to give that to you.

My passion is to help men and women become more confident in their skin, and do so in a way that is healthy and organic and 100% guilt free!

We also donate a portion of each proceed to a human trafficking group. Every time one of my customers or cadets purchases an item, a portion of the proceeds goes to So, when you buy, you are not only receiving great products that are beneficial for your skin and overall health, but you are also helping to eradicate all forms of modern slavery worldwide. 

Please join me in this wonderful journey of creating a healthier and loving world for ourselves, those around us and the generations to come. 



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