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Lazy Day Sunday...with kids

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

The title was a lie. There is no "lazy day" with kids.
I wanted to write this because I was thinking of how overwhelmed us women are...more than ever before actually. Most of us work all day and "work" as a mother and partner to our spouse (or whatever you have going). I myself am a single parent. So, I work and am the sole provider for my family AND I am the sole parent. Listen, I do it as best I can but man...I am on a National Television show plus I am running Skin Nation.
This was not to toot my own horn (but what's a horn for, I ask). It was rather to set up the stage to actually commend YOU.
There are SO many women "doing it all". I'm gonna say... I don't think it's possible to "do it all". Something usually gives. I have been at work on General Hospital and have missed my daughter's soccer games or recitals. In fact, i'll share with you this one story that to this day still makes me cry like a baby.

My daughter had an important soccer game. It was far from where I work. It was getting to the point where I knew I was going to miss it. I called my mom and left a voice mail and asked if she was free could she go to the game. Now, this is poignant, when I was younger my mom was very busy as well (working and such) and was late picking me up from school regularly. I would be the only one waiting and she would speed in to get me 45 minutes or so after school ended. I remembered this because I hated it. I promised myself I would never do that to my kids. So... back to my daughter's soccer game. I got out of work and drove in thick LA traffic to the game. I finally got there (late of course) but I wanted my daughter to know I tried and eventually made it there for her. I get out of my car and I see all these kids and their parents walking out of the school which with I was not familiar. I tried to get to the field and got lost but finally got there JUST as the game ended and who did I see, sitting alone in the bleachers, there for the game, but my mother...She received my call and went right to the soccer game to watch my daughter. She saw the whole game. I missed it.
We work so hard to give a great life to our kids but the "great life" for our kids is us being present. This is the conundrum. If you figure it out, let me know. 
This probably has absolutely nothing to do with skin care but everything to do with life :)
Love, Michelle

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