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On Valentine's day I am in love with...YOU

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

Valentine's Day...The day sales are way up for Haagen Dazs and Dunkin Donuts as that's what so many women will be eating after falling to the effects of the stigma forced upon them from Valentine's Day! First, We all know Valentine's Day was a created holiday by Hallmark to sell cards. Pretty brilliant. You gotta love that. I wish I had thought of it for SKIN NATION. But I guess it caught fire because, let's face it, it's really really fun to be in love! People love to love and get chocolate and flowers, especially us girls. It feels good to be appreciated..It just does. I mean nobody wakes up in the morning saying "I want this to be the day that no one gives a damn about me". Of course we don't do that! We want to know that the love we give to someone (we care about) is understood and appreciated.

So, feels good to be loved.

But here's the thing...good Lord, don't go down the "rabbit hole" because you don't get some appreciation on Valentines Day... Because you don't have anyone. I know it's really popular to "Love yourself" and "Be your own lover",ok. I mean yeah. Do what you want but really, just carry on. 

 Honestly as a mom it's the worst cuz inevitably my daughter doesn't finish her Valentine's Day cards and I end up doing them...every damn year. Now my son goes to preschool and there are 12 kids in his class...jeez! I'm up all night writing out Valentin's days cards to "Solei" and to "Jade", who I thought was a girl but ended up I got it wrong and gave him the girl Valentine bag with lip gloss and bla bla bla (it was a thing last year). God forbid you forget anyone. 

You wanna talk about Social Media? As if sitting alone in your bed with your laptop wasn't bad enough. You know there will be countless posts of people with their perfect mates and all the fun places they are going for the BIG night and the gifts they received and inevitably someone you know will get engaged and you'll send the the cursory text saying "I'm so happy for you!" but are you really? 

I'm going to be super honest with you. I have been in many relationships where I have been incredibly alone and I have been incredible happy while alone (not in a relationship) and visa versa, you get it? There is no answer to it all except ENJOY YOUR DAMN LIFE. Enjoy what you have and the life you've created. I bet you're pretty spectacular...appreciate that. and guess what? I APPRECIATE YOU. So there.

Happy Damn Valentine's Day!

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