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Exfoliation is for YOU

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

Because most of us are so busy with work, kids and just life, taking care of ourselves usually gets put on the back burner first.  We’re lucky if we wash our face at the end of a long day. Moisturizing is bonus points. But exfoliating? Now that’s really a stretch. It’s the step that too many of us skip.

“Exfoliating is for the luxurious, and not for me”, is what too many of us are thinking.

But what if I told you that exfoliating is not only plays a huge role in a healthy skin care routine, but it is also extremely simple to put into your schedule? Then, just maybe, would you think about adding it into your routine? (The correct answer here is: yes).

Here are a few reasons why exfoliation is important:

  1. It fights against aging

Exfoliating gives you a more youthful glow because you are getting rid of the older cells that tend to exaggerate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our bodies naturally shed the dead skin cells, but this ability slows down as we age. Exfoliating speeds this process along. Holla!

  1. Minimizes pores

Pores are the openings in your skin where hair follicles grow.  When there is buildup of dirt and dead skin cells, the pores accommodate for the increase in particles on your face. This makes your pores larger and more visible to the eye. Exfoliating takes the dirt off your face and minimizes the pores.

  1. It makes your skin smoother

Would you rather have your face feel like a baby’s bottom, or sandpaper? Okay. There’s an obvious answer here. And exfoliating helps to achieve that smooth, soft skin you want!

  1. It helps your other skin care products work better

Since exfoliating is removing the top layer of dead skin cells, this gives your cleanser and moisturizer and whatever other products you use more room to penetrate into the skin. If you skin exfoliating, your products might not work as well because they can’t get past the layer of dead skin cells.

One thing to remember though, is too much of a good thing is always bad. Just because exfoliating is a smart skin care move, doesn’t mean you should be walking around with a loofah attached to your hand. If you overdo it on exfoliating, your skin can become irritated because you’re scratching baby skin cells. People with oilier skin should exfoliate more frequently than those with dry or normal skin.

But one thing is for sure: Exfoliating is very important, and should absolutely be a part of your skin care routine.

We make it easy for you to exfoliate with our loofah and our Scrubalicious! Both have had incredible results with exfoliation, and they're not going anywhere!


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