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Posted by Michelle Stafford on

Everyone wants great skin. But everyone also has things they’d like to see improve in their skin. Which is where we come in. You’ve got a skin care issue? We’ve got some great suggestions for you!

If you have: Blackheads, rough skin or uneven skin tones

Those pesky blackheads can be seen from a mile away, or so it seems…

We suggest: Scrubalicious

Our Scrubalicious starts with just a nickel sized amount once a day, or as little as 3 times a week. A good exfoliator is a must-have in a good skin care regime and we have one that we’re pretty confident of, so look no further! Many of our men and women have written in to us and shared that they have seen the uneven redness in their face clear up after using our Scrubalicious, and have been thrilled to see their blackheads greatly diminish.

If you have: Dry, cracked skin or lupus

Itchy, dry cracked skin is not fun. Trust us, we know.

We suggest:  Coconut Oil

A lot of our women who have lupus have sent us numerous emails and messages about how confident our coconut oil has made them, and completely transformed their lives. Coconut oil has so many other uses, such as a leave-in conditioner, makeup remover or shaving oil. This oil is the very definition of multi-purposeful.


If you have: Dark, sun spots

So you wanted to get that dark tan to catch the cut lifeguards attention back when you were 16?

We suggest:  Magic Masque

Our Magic Masque can help reduce sun spots that have accumulated from years of baking under those nice, beachy rays of sunshine.


If you have: Fine lines and wrinkles or hormonal acne

It happens to everyone. You’re not alone in the aging process. But, you can still look youthful and be blowing out more candles every year!

We suggest:  Ultra Glow

Our Ultra Glow has retinol in it, which stimulates collagen growth and can make fine lines and wrinkles disappear before you can even say “wrinkles be gone”.


If you have: Sensitive, dull, red or dry skin

So your skin reacts badly to chemicals and most moisturizers?

We suggest:  Super C Serum

Our Super C Serum contains a lot of gentle ingredients, which make it the perfect moisturizer for skin that is sensitive and more mature. It contains neem oil which has been known for centuries to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin naturally. Our Super C Serum also contains Vitamin C, which is also a natural inflammatory, hence the “C” in the name of the product! We truly know how important that ingredient is.


If you have: Dull or oily skin, large pores

It’s only 11am and your forehead is already shinier than the Empire State Building?

We suggest:  Best Toner Ever

Our toner can help get rid of the extra residue or oil buildup that accumulates over the day. It can block those pesky free radicals in the air that make a home on the top layer of your skin, and are too stubborn to be washed away by just your cleanser and exfoliator. Also, since you are getting rid of the extra oil and dirt in your pores, it gives the appearance of smaller pores. Sounds like an all-around win-win situation, we think.


If you have: Under eye circles and fine lines around the eyes

Finding that 5 cups of coffee in the morning is still not making your “tired eyes syndrome” go away?

We suggest:  Rejuvenating Eye Crème

A lot of our women have seen a difference in the dark circles under their eyes after using our Rejuvenating eye crème. Packed with Vitamin C, our eye crème can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles that are one of the first indicators that you know who Barry Manilow is and listened to Pretty Woman while getting ready for school.


If you have: Dull, sagging skin on your face

So your skin has lost it’s glow. Please, say no more!

We suggest:  Renew Face Crème

 A few pumps a day of this and you can see your skin go from dull to glow. Boosted with tri-peptides and Vitamin C, our Renew Face Crème is ready to put up a fight and build your collagen and give you back that youthful skin that you’ve been searching for.


If you have: Acne or rosacea

Acne isn’t just a curse given to teens. Adults can get it at any and all ages.

We suggest:  Refresh Face Wash

Our cleanser is loaded up with soothing aloe, moisturizing coconut milk, organic honey, making it one of the most gentle and natural cleansers out there. Our cleanser is guilt free, and also contains rosemary which research has shown can be beneficial in helping with rosacea.


If you have: Rough, cracked skin and heels, blemishes, stretch marks, scars, burns, eczema, insect bites or sore muscles

I don’t know about you, but none of those sound fun to me.

We suggest:  Miracle Potion

Filled with the delicate scent of lavender, it’s no wonder that so many of our customers love putting the Miracle Potion all over their body. 100% organic, the combination of coconut oil and mango butter is one that will leave you guilt-free as you put it anywhere and everywhere.


If you have: Sagging or crepey skin

Lose a lot of weight recently? Do you have “turkey chin”? Crepey snake skin on your neck and décolletage?

We suggest:  Super Sexy Firming Crème

Crepes should be kept in a French café, not on your skin! Plump up your skin by firming and reversing all areas that have begun to betray that youthful, healthy allure, and have started sagging over the years. And the best news yet? It can go anywhere on your body.



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