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Rays to Repaired

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

We have all lived those days.

You know, the days when you woke up and your hair was going in five different directions, you had a new family of pimples on your right cheek (and have given a name to every one) and you just couldn’t seem to find the pair of jeans that you absolutely needed to wear today. Oh, and on top of that, you were giving a speech in front of your whole English class that day and your crush was going to be sitting in the front row.

Yep. We’ve all had them. Mine happened in high school.

Some may call those days the “glory days” but mine were more like the “hide my face because I have pale skin and freckles” days.

 When I was a baby, I had rashes all the time. And then, when I entered into high school, I have super pale, sensitive skin with lots of freckles. You can say that I was less than blessed in the gene pool when it came to the skin category.

I started tanning at salons, and bathing under the hot LA sun to achieve the sun kissed skin that I always wanted. And, wow, did I feel and look good.

But, slowly, I realized the damage that it had done to my skin. I started taking precautions to repair my damaged skin, and to love on it the way that I should have back when I was in the days of math exams and cheerleading practice.

I started moisturizing my skin, significantly decreased the amount of time that I was spending in the sun, and vowed to wear a hat every time I went out and risked having those rays hit my face.

After regularly using my custom designed Miracle Potion, I also saw MAJOR improvements in my skin. Because it is 100% organic and made with coconut oil and mango butter, my skin soaked it up and repaired itself more than I imagined that it would. My sun spots faded, and my skin was on the path to recovery.

It did not happen overnight, but slowly my skin did repair some of the damage that my 15-year-old self had done to it. There is some permanent damage, but my body was extremely forgiving to me, and managed to restore a lot of the skin cells that had been hurt by the extreme heat I exposed them to.

Now, I challenge YOU to love your skin the same way, start repairing it and loving it in the way that it deserves. 



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