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Rosemary is Kicking Rosacea's Butt

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

Believe it or not, rosemary is an herb that is used for much more than adding flavor to your family's potato salad. 

It is actually known to be one of the most powerful and essential herbs on the planet. 

Which is why we have incorporated it into some of our products!

We could write a 400 page book on the benefits of rosemary. But, lucky you, we're going to just give you the Skin-Nation version.

In addition to being a rich antioxidant, rosemary contains a special chemical, carnosol, that is known for its anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory results. 

According to a recent article published in the journal Cancer Letters, “Carnosol has been evaluated for anti-cancer property in prostate, breast, skin, leukemia, and colon cancer with promising results!” 

Which explains why rosemary has been proven to be GREAT for people with rosacea. 

The anti-aging properties of rosemary are also quite well known. Most people think of rosemary in its essential oil form, but the leaves of rosemary can also affect the skin internally or topically. Rosemary leaves have proven to increase the quality of the skin, while also healing acne blemishes and increasing the skin's natural shine. 

BUT, it doesn't stop there! (I know-can you believe it?) Rosemary can also reduce under-eye puffiness and improve the blood circulation throughout your body. It also fights against sun and free-radical damage. So, for all of you asking us about how to prevent sun damage and protect your skin against those nasty sun rays? Rosemary has got your back. 

Basically, rosemary is kicking major butt. 

Okay, so you can't blame us for putting it in our products now, right? We have not one, not two, but four products that contain rosemary. Our Refresh Face Wash, our Scrubalicious, our Super C Serum and our Renew Face Creme all contain this good stuff, and yea, we're going to brag about it just a little bit. 

We'll take one order of the rosemary and potatoes, but hold the potatoes please ;)


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