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Skin Nation is Baby Approved

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

Baby therapy is a real thing. You could have woken up with bed head, spilled your coffee on your new white blouse, had nonstop meetings at work, and  lost your credit card somewhere in your house, but if you end up holding a baby after all of that, let's be honest. Your day has been totally fixed. 
So, we need to protect our little bundles of happiness, soft chub and well..therapy at all costs! 
Baby skin is extra-sensitive, so giving it the proper care and attention that it needs is important. “Babies’ skin is thinner and more prone to irritation, but it’s very resilient,” says Bruce Brod, MD, a dermatologist in Philadelphia.  
Did you know that our Miracle Potion and Coconut Oil can be used on babies? Michelle has used the Miracle Potion on her son to help with diaper rash. And the coconut oil is a soft moisturizer for her kids plump, youthful skin that needs to stay hydrated. With both products being 100% organic, they are so gentle that your baby will probably end up saying "I want more Miracle Potion" as its first sentence. 
Most experts recommend moisturizing baby skin once a day, since they move around and can tend to get dry spots and irritation from the constant movement. 
Additionally, babies are grade A droolers. Whether it's when they are eating or teething, our little ones tend to produce a lot of saliva in their first year of life. Saliva has enzymes that can irritate the skin, especially when it is coming into contact with skin over and over. 
Next time your baby is eating, put some coconut oil on their face and then wipe it off with a soft baby washcloth afterwards to avoid extra saliva coming into contact with their already sensitive skin. 
Give back to your precious little ones that give you comfort on your hard days. They deserve it.


(I think Baby Joel is pretty happy about Skin Nation) 

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