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Summer Summer Sea & Sand Time!

Posted by Cleverific, Inc Collaborator on

Summer Summer Summer Time!

We’re feeling whimsical thinking about those sweet ocean breezes, toes in the soft, warm sand, bronzed skin and sexy tan lines. Summer is almost here…are you ready? It’s ok if you’re not, quite yet. We’ve got you covered and will get you there safely and naturally, of course.

We can barely wait to get carefree and sun-kissed, wearing nothing but flip-flops and soft, light summer wear, bbq raging in the backyard, immersing our feet in the soft warm sand, taking a perfect dip into that invigorating salty ocean and getting intoxicated by the beautiful scent of Jasmine blooms wafting through the air.

Feelin’ all the good summer feels yet?

Well, we certainly are! So... we got a head start on the best summer beauty prepping tips, just to get you in the mood…and, of course, silky soft gorgeous skin, head to the tips of your toes! Here’s how you get ready to confidently bare that sexy sun-kissed bod! Let’s go on a summertime stroll with our favorite insider tips:

  1. Spice up your bathing ritual with our beautifully citrus-scented Body Love Wash.
  2. Scrubalicious away the winters dry skin leftovers. Kickstart the beach season with the freshest of fresh new skin.
  3. Slather up your entire body in rich oils and creams. Coconut oil. Coconut oil. Coconut oil!! For example, our Cuckoo for Coconuts Skin Nation oil is organic bliss. Not only is it high in antioxidants but also rich in essential omegas to keep your skin plump and hydrated. This wonder oil doesn’t stop there. It acts as a natural sunscreen with an SPF 5 (give or take). It’s a chemical-free alternative, safe to use everywhere and as much and often as you like.
  4. Cream up! Feel comfortable in your silky soft summer skin. In our unbiased opinion, (of course!) our summer scented Love Body Lotion would make your summer perfect. The scent is what sweet summer dreams are made of…not to mention how very soft it will leave your skin while glowing as bright as the sun.
  5. Don’t forget your beautiful face. Freshen your visage with our Refresh Face Wash.
  6. Next, prep and hydrate with our Best Toner Ever and Renew Facial Cream.

 Last, but not least..our lucky number 8 tip….

      8. Get wild and have fun taking lots of selfies with our recommended beauty rituals and bundles! Post post post post and tag us! Show off your summer sexy looks with Skin Nation!

 Catch you soon on the Sea & Sand Bundle!



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