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Winter vs. Skin Nation

Posted by Michelle Stafford on

We may not experience mounds of snow piling up on our doorstep like our friends on the East Coast do, but winter. The air is colder, coughs and sniffles become a regular occurance and while you're itching your red, dry skin, Jack Frost is nearby laughing at the havoc he's caused. 

Okay, so maybe that's just a little dramatic. But, we all know winter brings weather conditions that devastate the beautiful skin that we work so hard for all year round. Our once glowing, radiant skin has now become flakey, cracked and more dry than Tucson, Arizona on a mid-August day.

And that's where we come in. *cue Superman music intro*

Staying on top of hydrating your skin in the winter is particularly important because naturally, with heaters running and the air being more dry, your skin is not going to soak up the usual amount of hydration that it needs. Having skin that is moisturized not only prevents your skin from having acne flareups, but moisturized skin also repairs blemishes faster, and keeps your skin looking young and fighting wrinkles. 

All of our products aim to hydrate and moisturize your skin. One of our bundles, The Illumination Bundle, was specifically designed to give your skin the moisture that it needs. It includes The Renew Face creme, the Rejuvenating Eye creme, the Super Sexy Firming Creme, and the oh-so-popular Miracle Potion. 

Our Miracle Potion was designed by Michelle herself. Proudly labeled as 100% organic, this two-ingredient power packed product is a top favorite among many of our customers. The mango butter and coconut oil pairing helps the skin defend against signs of anti-aging, while also softening and deeply moisturizing the skin. The creamy consistency in addition to the relaxing, lavender fragrance is a combination that will have you wanting to slather this on every inch of your body (Trust us, you'll wish that you had a human size tub of this stuff).

Apply our Miracle Potion to dry, cracked skin and heels, and within a few weeks, you'll be the one laughing at Jack Frost. 

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