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Better Body Bundle

The Better Body Bundle

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The Better Body Bundle

This kit is to be used anywhere on your body. It gets rid of dead skin cells that are making parts of your body look old, dull and rough. This bundle is certain to change your old tired skin into the skin of a glowing goddess. It’s unnesessary to use them all together at the same time but you could switch off for best results. The products in this kit are filled with Anti-Oxidents which have been proven to promote new collagen growth and firm the skin. This is a perfect bundle to save your skin and keep it nourished during those cold dry winter months!

80% Organic Ingredients


  • Scrubalicious
  • Coconut Oil
  • Super Sexy Firming Creme
  • Miracle Potion

How to use:

Start with a nickel size amount of Scrubalicious and apply to the part of your body that you want to exfoliate. Then, apply a generous amount of the Super Sexy Firming Creme to your décolletage, neck and arms, or anywhere on your body that has loose skin and you want tightened. Next, apply the Miracle Potion to any dry or cracked areas of your body that need moisturized or hydrated. It can also can be applied to blemishes, stretch marks, blotches, burns, scars, eczema, insect bites and sore muscles. Finish up with the Coconut Oil and put on any areas that you want extra moisture, even on your hair!


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