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Look at you Glow Bundle

Look at you Glow Bundle

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There’s no better way to show your mother some extra love this Mother’s Day than to give her some GLOW! Moms work hard, they deserve anything that will make them feel as beautiful and amazing as they truly are.This is a perfect bundle for the woman who wants some glow in her day.

This bundle contains three products designed to give soft, supple, and glowing skin.
  1. THE BEST TONER EVER is so very natural and gentle for every skin type. It gets your skin prepped and ready for makeup application. It cleans and tightens pores, calms your skin, reduces redness and balances your skin's PH. You can actually see the results in minutes before your eyes!
  1. THE SUPER C SERUM is a blend of the most cutting edge and new to the market anti-aging ingredients infused with vitamin C which has been proven to fade age and sun spots and reduce fine lines. Brighten and tighten your skin with this magical blend of ingredients known to regenerate collagen, restore elasticity, delivering soft and supple skin.
  1. THE MAGIC MASQUE is a face mask loaded with over 15 anti-aging nutrients to moisturize, remove toxins, and reduce wrinkles. Women all over have raved about our Magic Masque. If you're looking for a luxury treatment to replenish your skin and dramatically change it’s appearance, this mask is it.

Together, these three products work to nourish your skin and give it the youthful glow that any woman is looking for.


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