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About Skin Nation


Inspired to research the chemicals that we put into our body daily after her sister was diagnosed with stage 3-breast cancer, Michelle Stafford found that most of the products that we put in and on our body contain harmful toxins that can hurt our bodies, and set us up for health risks in the future. Upon discovering this, Michelle set out to create products that were organic and natural. She spent months creating and testing products on herself that were up to her high standards and refused to sell anything less than excellent. She founded Skin Nation on the belief that everyone of all shapes, size, color, gender and ethnicity from all different backgrounds should be able benefit from using clean, plant-based products.

In addition to creating top-quality, affordable products, Michelle is a single mother of two young children that love to star in her Instagram stories and sit by her side (and sometimes on her lap) in her personal office while she works on building her company.

A two-time Emmy award winner, you can also see Michelle daily as Nina Reeves on the daytime drama, General Hospital. She is also known for her past role of Phyllis Summers on The Young and the Restless, which she played for 15 years. Additionally, she created the critically acclaimed web series “The Stafford Project”, “Secret Mind of a Single Mom” for NickMom and her successful podcast “Single Mom a Go Go“

“Through the years, oh my gosh, so many have asked what my secret is to having great skin. The truth… I have taken great care of my skin and DO have some secrets which I have now put in a jar for you! I am on the fair side so I have spent very little time baking in the sun. Of course, when I was a teen that’s all I wanted to do, just bake in the sun. I do have a bit of sun damage from that time… Now, I usually wear a hat when I’m outside or I have sunscreen on my face. The sun does irreversible damage to the skin.” –Michelle Stafford.

“Now, skin care…This is how I see it. We take care of our cars right? Wash them? If not, they look unkempt and dingy. We wash our dishes and clothes and floors and polish our furniture…we want to make them shine. That’s kind of the same approach I have for beautiful skin. Your skin is your biggest living organ. You must care for it every day. We, as mothers, wives, partners, as working women, we’ll put ourselves last. We have no time, but we must take care of ourselves. This product line I have created is with all of that in mind. It’s easy and takes no time.” –Michelle Stafford

“Remember, your skin will not change overnight. This is not 'Fast Food' beauty. You have to be consistent and you WILL see results! Here’s to better skin health! Enjoy!” –Michelle Stafford