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Be a Skin Nation Cadet!

Welcome to the Skin Nation Cadet Team!!!
This is going to be so fun! Just know by signing up to be a Skin Nation Cadet you are now part of a highly qualified team of Skin Care Seekers and Skin Care Experts... Here is your first assignment, If you wish to accept it. Ha! just kidding, I just wanted to write that! There will be no assignments...just fun!
By being a Skin Nation Cadet you will be first in line for any promotion or discount that we at Skin Nation are offering. You will get skin care tips and skin care secrets from dermatologists, models, actresses and myself (of course)!
I am so excited that you have decided to be part of our team! This is going to be the time of your life and you are going to see a change in your skin and your overall appearance. I promise you!!
Be sure, if you’re not getting your emails from us, to check your spam folder. We don’t want you to miss anything!!
Carry on Cadets!!